Rex is a true lover of all kinds of music. His interest first formed when he was only 11 yrs old.
Along with the guitar and bass guitar he also plays the keyboard. Born in Hardinsburg Kentucky and raised in Louisville, Kentucky Rex has a lot of southern influence in his music.

In 1969 Rex moved to Tampa, Florida where he joined his first band. By the age of 20, he was singing and playing bass guitar for a music group called “The Telecasters” a country rock band with a distinct 1950’s flair. The band played a variety of venues. “The Telecasters” also had the honor of opening for the famous 50’s group called “the Platters” who had great hits like, “Only you” and “The Great Pretender”. “The Telecasters” was the first step in playing with many bands and venues over the years. One location he felt honored to play at was when he performed at McDill Air Force Base on more than one occasion. As well as The NCO Club and The Officers Club in Tampa Florida.



While at an Andre Crouch Concert in 1976 at a Orlando Music Festival called “Jesus 76” Rex found Christ.
It was then, that he began to focus more on writing and performing Contemporary Christian Music.

Several years after “The Telecasters”  Rex and Sandy formed a band called “Carolina”.
“Carolina” was a country rock and 50’s band focusing on Classic rock.
“Carolina” joined “The Florida Country Music Association in 1980” and appeared on two local television shows called :
“The Tony DeCaprio Talent Show Case” which aired weekly on

Channel 13 in Tampa Florida and “The Earnie Lee Show” which aired on channel 13 a weekly morning show in Tampa Florida.
“Carolina” won an award for “The Band of the Year” at a competition in 1980 hosted by “The Florida Country Music Association”

In 1994 Rex moved to Orlando, Florida. When he had the opportunity to, he become a member of
“World Vision” and joined The Artist Partition Program. “World Vision” is an organization that feeds starving children in foreign countries. 

Having been in the music and recording business for many years, he is using those skills he gained, to form a new band and create a new contemporary Christian album. The album has a working title of   “Clouds of Glory”. He is working in conjunction with Studio Live USA, KDS Studios Orlando Florida